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Let’s talk about Jun’s Hair lol

image (the beginning)


image(The Now?) this VS Arashi was recorded recently (x)

Credit to η±³η²’ηš„ε±±η”°ιΊ»ιΊ» , -δΊœθŽ‰ζΎ„-Β 

πŸ’• 15/30 edits of Jun πŸ’•

I wonder… I think I was really driven when I was younger. I had desires to do this or try that, so if I look at it now from a third person’s perspective, I looked displeased. Furthermore, I lacked the competence to [manage my time], so when I simultaneously did dramas, variety programs and live performances I ended up being really confused. It was very painful and I felt so terribly sorry for the people around me. Recently, however, I felt that on many levels I had been liberated. Even if I took on just one live performance, I was able to express myself freely as a performer.-Β  Matsumoto Jun Β 

Translation from barbosa2007