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because i’m almighty I’m always watching youuuuuu *hugs*

I had a feeling someone was watching me lol *hugs back*

In this bustling city, in all of the red, white and green, I give an awkward smile
Next to me, you added the garnish to a cake, smiling at 100%
It’s winter and in front of the station under a starry sky stand many Santa Clauses side by side
Although my body’s freezing, on the contrary, I’d rather stay here like this

Merry Christmas//Ninomiya Kazunari

-Lyrics Translation by : yarukizero

Hearing the cheers around me, I felt the wind at my back
Going anywhere together I’ll give you an amazing performance

STAY GOLD//Matsumoto Jun

-Lyrics Translation by : yarukizero

Everybody hands up! Coming up now
I’m an intimidating disco star
A cheerful weekend in a crazy world
This feeling isn’t deja vu

Disco Star//Aiba Masaki

-Lyrics Translation by : yarukizero

1 2 3 4 Let’s get on! This world is beautiful
Don’t worry about the small stuff Try looking at it from space Hey yeah!
5 6 7 8 Feel it! Vivid, unique, feelin’ good
Let’s make the world go around again today Hey yeah!

-Hey Yeah!//Sho Sakurai

-Lyrics Translation by : yarukizero

Completely meaningless You’re faraway, on other side
Being manipulated by you Up to imaging
Now, it feels like something is missing Imaging-Imaging Crazy// Ohno Satoshi

-Lyrics Translation by : yarukizero